Goombal Web Solution for Planners


Plan and manage your meetings and events your way with unlimited flexibility and ease. The Goombal Web Solution provides a flexible and extremely user-friendly interface to design and manage the details of each of your meetings and events uniquely and avoid unnecessary clutter.

After a meeting or event is designed, Goombal makes it easy to manage the details of every activity (Sessions, Venue, Setup, Speakers, Sponsors, Food and Beverage, Marketing, etc.) with your team. You can delegate responsibility to team members so that they can focus on getting their job done easily.

At the click of a button, Goombal generates detailed reports for everything you need to run your meeting or event – Event Specification Report, Room Setup Report, Staffing Report, Budget and Expense Report, Project Tasks Report, and a whole lot more. These reports can be downloaded into PDF, Word, PPT, or Excel formats and customized further.

By providing a single place to manage all your meetings and events, Goombal delivers unparalleled efficiency and effectiveness – freeing up over 30% of your time!