Goombal Meeting / Event Performance and ROI Analytics


Get deep hard-to-get insights across all your meetings and events. Through the power of our cloud-based solution, Goombal easily aggregates information from all your meetings and events and generates amazing insights into various aspects of your event performance. Here’s a sample of the different kinds of reports Goombal delivers at both an individual meeting/event level as well as aggregated across multiple meetings and events:

    • ROI reports
    • Top Sponsors, Speakers, Exhibitors
    • Attendee Behaviors and Contribution to Pipeline
    • Financial Reports: Expenses and Revenue Forecasts, Cash Flow Status
    • Aggregated Spend by Vendor across all your meetings and events
    • and a whole lot more…

The deep event and cross-event aggregated insights that Goombal delivers is a unique first in the Meetings and Events industry. It is simply not attainable if you are running on spreadsheets!