Run perfect meetings and events-every time!

There are so many decisions to make and every decision impacts
your attendee’s experience. It can all be very stressful.

But it doesn’t have to be stressful if you have the right tools that are organized
in one place.

Goombal Meetings and Events Management Platform


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Deep Event ROI Analytics and Reports

Goombal Solution Offerings

Goombal is a Cloud + Mobile solution platform focused on the needs of corporate event marketers, meeting planners, association meetings and conference planners, and agencies. Goombal integrates with a number of 3rd party CRM and Registration applications to provide comprehensive visibility, reports, and analysis.

Goombal Web Solution for Planners


Plan and manage your meetings and events your way with unlimited flexibility and ease. The Goombal Web Solution provides a flexible and extremely user-friendly interface to design and manage the details of each of your meetings and events uniquely and avoid unnecessary clutter.

After a meeting or event is designed, Goombal makes it easy to manage the details of every activity (Sessions, Venue, Setup, Speakers, Sponsors, Food and Beverage, Marketing, etc.) with your team. You can delegate responsibility to team members so that they can focus on getting their job done easily.

At the click of a button, Goombal generates detailed reports for everything you need to run your meeting or event – Event Specification Report, Room Setup Report, Staffing Report, Budget and Expense Report, Project Tasks Report, and a whole lot more. These reports can be downloaded into PDF, Word, PPT, or Excel formats and customized further.

By providing a single place to manage all your meetings and events, Goombal delivers unparalleled efficiency and effectiveness – freeing up over 30% of your time!

Goombal Mobile for Planners


Access and interact with your key meeting and event planning information on your Smart Phones and Tablets anywhere, anytime (24 x 7 x 365).

Goombal Mobile for Planners provides native iOS (Apple phones and tablets) and Android (phones and tablets) applications to make it easy to access key planning information. Now, you and your team will have 24×7 access to your up-to-date planning details from the comfort of your mobile devices. Further, it eliminates the need to print gob loads of information or email them saving you a ton of time and hassle.

The Goombal Mobile applications are easily downloadable to your Android and Apple devices from their respective app stores.Key functionality covered are: Tasks, Onsite Punch-List, Team Contacts, Attendee List, Budget, Revenue and Expense Summary, Collaboration Rooms, and Personal Notes.The Goombal Mobile app is a companion to the Goombal Web solution.

Goombal Meeting / Event Performance and ROI Analytics


Get deep hard-to-get insights across all your meetings and events. Through the power of our cloud-based solution, Goombal easily aggregates information from all your meetings and events and generates amazing insights into various aspects of your event performance. Here’s a sample of the different kinds of reports Goombal delivers at both an individual meeting/event level as well as aggregated across multiple meetings and events:

    • ROI reports
    • Top Sponsors, Speakers, Exhibitors
    • Attendee Behaviors and Contribution to Pipeline
    • Financial Reports: Expenses and Revenue Forecasts, Cash Flow Status
    • Aggregated Spend by Vendor across all your meetings and events
    • and a whole lot more…

The deep event and cross-event aggregated insights that Goombal delivers is a unique first in the Meetings and Events industry. It is simply not attainable if you are running on spreadsheets!


Goombal Collaboration Portal


Goombal offers a modern, extremely intuitive (zero training required) Pinterest-like collaboration portal that makes it easy to collaborate with just about anybody with an email address. You can set up as many individual collaboration rooms as you need for each of your meetings / events and invite just the people you need to collaborate with in each room.

This helps you manage all discussions, documents, and to-do check lists organized related to each topic of collaboration for you meeting or event. Automated workflows send out timely notifications and reminders to room members – saving you tons of admin time! Further, you can turn on select Goombal reports to your room collaborators so that they can self-service themselves to the latest planning data without asking to you email them the latest consolidated excel report! (E.g., caterers can download the latest F&B menu plan order, the A/V vendor can download the latest A/V requirements report, etc.)

Unlike email discussions and documents getting buried in your inbox or some shared folder some-where, everything you do in Goombal with your suppliers, team members, speakers, sponsors, etc. can be managed in one place so that people who has been granted access can self-service themselves without constantly bothering your team and consuming valuable time and resources.

Goombal Mobile Attendee Check-in App


The Goombal Mobile Attendee Check in app brings an exciting new dimension of innovation to the attendee experience.

Say goodbye to the hassles of downloading your attendee list, reformatting it to the needs of the mobile check-in app, uploading it, and hoping everything works as intended. And then worrying whether you have the latest registrant list or whether someone registered after you uploaded the spreadsheet! What hassles will your guests have to go through to get checked in?

Welcome to the hassle-free Goombal Mobile Attendee Check-in App! Our innovative Cloud + Mobile Platform brings the next generation of ease and flexibility to the attendee check-in experience. And, the best thing is that it is all fully integrated to your Registration and CRM systems so that data flows smoothly back-and-forth without requiring manual intervention.

Goombal Integrations

Dynamic multi-point integrations– Goombal easily integrates with multiple CRM, Marketing Automation, and Registration solutions to bring all relevant event data into one place. This helps you get visibility into all aspects of your event and helps you make the right decisions quickly.

Here are currently-supported solution integrations. We keep adding new integrations on a frequent basis. Please contact us for a more current list.