Goombal Virtual Concierge Service

For all you busy professionals, Goombal is pleased to offer our Virtual Concierge Service to support your meeting and event management efforts. In response to our customer needs, we have created a very flexible service offering whereby you can consume just the amount of service you need – when you need it. No long term commitments to make!


The best part to give you a good night’s sleep is that all concierge service is delivered through the Goombal platform so that you will have anytime, anywhere access and transparency to what will be delivered, by when, and the status of the delivered work.

How it works:
How it works:
  1. Determine what kinds of admin work you would like help with, and when
  2. Discuss your needs with your Goombal account executive
  3. Purchase just the required amount of concierge service (it comes in small, 20-hour packages)
  4. Goombal will assign you a qualified and trained virtual assistant. Collaboratively, define deliverables and timelines. (These get entered in Goombal)
  5. Get ready to relax and enjoy the delivered work according to the planned schedule
  6. Need more time? Purchase another 20-hour package
  7. No long-term commitments involved!
What kinds of support do we provide? And what we don’t?
What kinds of support do we provide? And what we don’t?
  • SUPPORTED: Most kinds of admin work related to events that can be done remotely (e.g. gathering information, preparing / sending RFPs and collecting responses, sending out reminders, entering expenses, creating reports, etc.)
  • NOT SUPPORTED: On-site support, contract negotiations (we will help gather the information so you can do the negotiations), graphics design (we will help coordinate to get things done and shipped), and work that require intimate knowledge of your company / organization’s processes or specific events that you do
  • Note: All work commitments and delivery will be done through the Goombal platform. No exceptions are allowed. This helps us monitor and guarantee quality of work and deliverables, and this also mitigates risks for both of us
  • All work is delivered only in US English language currently
Who provides the service?
Who provides the service?
  • Trained Goombal professionals who have a working knowledge of the meetings and events industry provide virtual concierge support
Pricing and Usage
Pricing and Usage

To make it easy to consume on-the-go without long-term commitments, Goombal Concierge Service is priced very attractively starting at $600 per 20-hour block.


You can purchase as many of these 20-hour blocks as you need, when you need it. The only requirement is that you need to consume the purchased hours within 60-days of the first start date for the block.


For example, if you started using a 20-hour package starting June 1st, you will have 60 days to consume all the 20 hours. Any left-over hours will expire at the end of 60-days from the start date for the package.


Note: If Goombal is unable to provide the required service for some reason (which is very unlikely), we will extend the expiry period by the corresponding number of days.


Learn more by contacting or by calling your Goombal Account Executive.