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Goombal Brings Exceptional Event Experience Management to Marketo Customers

Goombal partners with Marketo LaunchPoint™ to offer marketers a unique solution for delivering exceptional customer experiences and generating greater ROI from all corporate events.

Goombal is transforming the world of corporate events with its unique and differentiated offering.

San Francisco Bay Area, CA (PRWEB) July 07, 2015
Goombal, Inc., the market leader in corporate Event Experience Management, today announced its partnership with Marketo LaunchPoint™. The partnership includes integration of the Goombal Event Experience Management solution with Marketo to provide marketers with an innovative new platform to identify and do the right events, deliver exceptional customer experiences at every event, generate more high quality leads, and maximize ROI.

IDC and other leading market research firms estimate that Chief Marketing Officers (CMOs) spend between 20 to 25% of their annual budgets on events – such as trade shows, user conferences, and product launches. Events are often in the top 2 spend categories of a CMO’s budget. Frost & Sullivan, a leading market research consultancy, estimates that the annual global spend on business events and meetings is a whopping $500 Billion or more!

Yet, until the availability of Goombal’s Event Experience Management solution, event marketing had been poorly served by technology causing lingering inefficiencies, missed opportunities for delivering exceptional customer experiences, and weak control and predictability over event economics. Goombal’s patent-pending solution uniquely empowers event managers to run effective external events (like tradeshow sponsorships, user conferences) as well as internal events (like sales training and employee meetings,) and provides live dashboards for marketing and finance executives to objectively measure outcomes and profitability of all event expenditure.

Goombal’s Event Experience Management solution is now fully integrated with Marketo and works with other enterprise software products such as® for sales and revenue tracking, Cvent® for event registrations, and Concur® for expense tracking to provide the industry’s only complete event management and analysis solution. For example, Goombal can integrate with Cvent to deliver the list of registrants to staffers and sales people at the event, help them check-in attendees and tag attendees as hot or warm leads as appropriate using Goombal’s mobile app, and send this lead information to Marketo and/or instantaneously for follow-up. This real-time multi-point integration eliminates all delays in the lead capture to lead follow-up process, and shortens sales cycle time – delighting sales people and making event planners shine like rock stars.

“In the increasingly complex world of event marketing, there is an urgent need for modern event management that drives greater efficiencies, delivers superior customer experiences, and generates higher marketing ROI,” said Steve Sloan, Senior Vice President of Product Strategy and Partnerships, at Marketo. “Goombal’s integration with Marketo LaunchPoint™ means event marketers can now leverage event planning automation together with post-event ROI tracking of leads and revenue to make smarter event choices and maximize the return on every marketing dollar.”

Vish Mishra, Chairman of the Management Board at Goombal, added, “Goombal is transforming the world of corporate events with its unique and differentiated offering. Goombal’s comprehensive solution not only allows companies to manage every facet of each of their events, but also drives efficiencies across all their events globally. A key element of this enablement is the ability to integrate with complementary marketing automation, sales, finance, and registration software that companies already use. I am very excited by Goombal’s partnership with Marketo, a leading marketing software provider, as this powerful combination will now allow CMOs to extract much greater value out of their event marketing efforts – a top budget item.”

Marketo LaunchPoint™ is the most complete ecosystem of innovative marketing solutions, providing an easy, powerful, and complete hub for marketing professionals. Goombal is now available to all Marketo customers through Marketo LaunchPoint™.

Goombal, Inc. PR Contact:
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Marketo, Inc. PR Contact:
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About Goombal:

Goombal is an innovative Cloud + Mobile Event Experience Management software that helps corporate event marketers plan and run all their events such as tradeshow sponsorships and corporate events with ease. Goombal integrates with the company’s sales and marketing automation software like, Marketo, Eloqua, Cvent, and others to give a centralized place to plan, orchestrate, track, report, and analyze all aspects of events.

Goombal automates routine tasks and report generation, eases collaboration with internal and external teams, manages all event documents, tracks detailed budgets and expenses, increases lead velocity, and generates a lot of deep event analysis to help credibly demonstrate the results of event marketing efforts to sales, marketing and finance stakeholders. In the process, Goombal frees up valuable time to help event marketers focus on delivering exceptional customer experiences and maximizing ROI – every time!

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About Marketo:

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