Event Management is a Hard Job. We Make it Easy.

Goombal eliminates the hassles of planning and managing events. It reduces risks and saves you time and money. And, it gives you a ton of insights to make smart decisions.

Goombal is a comprehensive Event Lifecycle and ROI Management platform created for marketers and event planners to save time, eliminate stress, deliver exceptional customer experiences, and maximize event ROI.

Goombal also provides the intelligence to help you identify which conferences, trade shows & other events will generate the best results.

Here’s how we help.

  • iconDelight Customers Goombal will analyze your past events, customer feedback, and ROI trends to help you identify and do the right events. Doing the right events is foundational to delivering exceptional customer experiences, creating engagement, and generating leads and revenue.
  • iconSave Time You will save at least 30% time by having all the tools you need to plan, manage and execute your events in one place. Let Goombal take care of all your time-consuming data-gathering, tracking, alerting, reporting, and analysis needs.
  • reduce_stressReduce Stress & Risk Our automated workflows, alerts, and collaboration tools will mitigate the different risks associated with planning and running your events. Nothing planned in Goombal can slip through the cracks! Your attendees are guaranteed to enjoy the best experience you have planned for them!
  • sales_agentDelight Sales People Goombal can rapidly process all captured leads and send them instantly to your CRM eliminating the hassles of gathering and uploading spreadsheets, manually entering leads after the event, etc. You can now help speed up sales velocity that sales executives love.
  • save-moneyCut Costs. Make Smart Use of Your Budget Benefit from getting notified on advanced discount deadlines and save money. Use historic spend data to plan expenditure better. Aggregated vendor spend data across all your events gives you plenty of ammunition for negotiating better pricing with vendors and saves you a lot of money.

One Platform for All Events

No matter what kind of events you plan, Goombal will always work for you. Goombal has a unique patent-pending Event Designer Studio that lets you modularly design your event your way.


This is a first-of-its-kind approach to user-controlled applications that is revolutionizing the way software can actually help you – and not frustrate you!

  • Industry Trade Shows & Conferences
  • Corporate Training, Seminars, & In-house Meetings
  • Road Shows, Fairs, and Fun Activities

Simplify your work with our fully integrated system.

Our tight integration with your Marketing Automation, CRM, Financial, and Event Registration solutions makes it possible for you to manage all your event information in one place!


Goombal Virtual Concierge Service

For all you busy professionals, Goombal is pleased to offer our Virtual Concierge Service to support your event management efforts. In response to our customer needs, we have created a very flexible service offering whereby you can consume just the amount of service you need – when you need it. No long term commitments involved, and, importantly, you don’t have to purchase the Goombal software to benefit from this service! ..

Goombal Customers